About us

About Virtual Playboys

I created the Virtual Playboys when my world (like that of many others in the entertainment industry) fell apart due to the covid-19 situation. Being unable to perform live gigs or run any events, I felt lost and hit a real low point for a little while.
I found myself looking back through my years of being a musican/entertainer and how I’d started out full of dreams and ideas – and then it occured to me that somewhere along that road I’d left my creative spark behind.
This new journey has been about re-discovering my creative, fun side and reconnecting with the music – To re-live the dreams I dreamed 35 years ago but this time without letting them slip through my fingers.

The songs, jokes and characters are all inspired by my years of experience as a touring musician. Without doubt, this project has helped me through one of the most emotionally challenging times I have ever faced. Quite simply; where words fail, music speaks. This is my philosophy now.

I couldn’t have made Virtual Playboys the success that it is today without the help of those who have supported this project by sharing, liking, buying the merch and giving me such overwhelmingly positive feedback.  To those people, I give my heartfelt gratitude.  It is YOU that has ultimately pulled me from the pit of despair I had found myself in.
From the bottom of my heart, I Thank you. Billy Curtis (11/05/20)

Band Members

Presenting the Virtual Playboys, created during lockdown 2020 for the sole purpose of keeping a life long musician, sane 🙂

Real Billy (Guitar/Keys/Vocals)

The real Billy Curtis, the creator of the Virtual Playboys. Band leader with over 34 years of experience in the music industry. First love, Country Music.

Little Billy (Drums)

Little Billy (aged 9), this little guy creates the whole atmosphere in the band. Naturally lovable and comical although he doesn't mean to be! Favourite saying "I Luv It!". There is only one Little Billy!

Cousin Billy (Cuz)

Cousin Billy just loves being in he background, rocking out on his bass guitar, feeling cool. Such a great guy with a big big heart, just like Big Billy, although with a beard and shades!

Grandpa Billy

Grandpa Billy, the oldest rocker in the band. Years of passion hold him together! His home is where the stage is. Constantly just having fun, enjoying life and singing. Out of the whole ban, he is always the first in bed!

Uncle Billy

Uncle Billy, just loves the adventure and will try anything once! sometimes maybe twice! Annoys Little Billy at times, well, quite alot. He has a passion for dancing but can't actually dance!

Season 1 Boyz

Other characters from season one

Big Billy

Big Billy with the deep voice, born to play awesome bass guitar. Such a great guy with a big big heart, he will go out of his way to help those that need help the most.

Cool Billy

Cool Billy with the crazy hair. Muso since the age of 5. Played his first solo gig in a pub next door to a prison. It was at this gig he learnt quickly, how to be cool.

Grandad Billy
(Old Skool)

Grandad, Born to sleep alot. Loves just joining in with anything when he is awake. His favourite hobby is having a laugh with Little Billy, and winning!

The History

What are the Virtual Playboys all about? There is no room for such silly questions! We are here for the music, have a laugh and save our souls from a crazy world right now!